At Prax PT, every moment of your treatment is administered directly by me, Brian Prax MA PT, a licensed physical therapist with more than 20 years of experience.  My focus is on helping you heal as quickly and effectively as possible.  Toward this end, I have developed a unique approach to treatment, thinking outside the box in a creative, practical fashion, rather than following rigid, often less effective, by-the-book methods.  To ensure that your treatment is always consistent and first-rate, I keep it simple:  no assistants, receptionists or double-booked appointments.  I minimize the distractions in order to maximize your success.

The Prax PT Method is driven by results.  The care I prescribe is based purely on your unique symptoms, progress and needs.  No two bodies are the same.  No two injuries are the same.  No two surgical recoveries are the same.  I will shape your treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.