Here is what people have to say about their experience at Prax Physical Therapy.


Missy F.

After months of unsuccessful PT, I was days away from surgery. In a last minute attempt to avoid going under the knife, I thought I would give a different PT another chance. Lucky for me, I was recently introduced to Brian. He assessed my condition and laid out a strategy for resolving my issue. We worked together for 10 weeks, gradually reducing inflammation and returning me to full mobility. I can't say enough about the intelligent and professional work that Brian does. Plus, he's a very good and interesting guy who truly cares about his patients.

Ponteir S.

Brian is hands-down the best PT in Jackson Hole. He's knowledgeable, encouraging, and ensures a positive result. Go to Brian, first!

Melinda B.

Brian Prax is excellent. He is thorough and up to speed on the latest. He helped me recover from a blown ACL. He also helped my mom when she came to town after a knee replacement. Totally recommend. He works with people ranging from athletes to the elderly.

Celia C.

Brian is amazing. I thought I was headed to surgery and my improvement with each session was remarkable. I had gone to several people before that had not made a difference. I highly recommend him.

Larry D.

I was so lucky to discover Brian and his skills many years ago, and have been constantly amazed that he is able to help me recover 100% from whatever weird injury I show up with! I highly recommend Brian if you are serious about  healing and getting fully back to normal.

Cortney K.

Brian takes a holistic approach to PT, taking care of both the physical and mental aspects of healing. After braking my ankle, Brian helped me set and achieve realistic goals, enabling me to maintain a positive outlook during the long rehab process. Brian brought my ankle's range of motion from zero to normal through skilled manual manipulations and prescribed exercises tailored to my goals and activities to increase strength, balance, and proprioception. With Brian's help I returned--pain free--to the activities I love sooner than others thought possible. 

Nicole M.

I celebrated my six month ACL surgery anniversary by hiking the Sleeping Indian!! The next day I went for a 40 mile bike ride and did both of these in personal record time!  I am confident my speedy recovery is due to your vast knowledge, specific instruction, and focused attention. Thank you for getting my spring and summer back!!

Cary S.

As a dentist and an athlete, my body gets beat up by both repetitive use injuries as well as overuse and traumatic injuries. Brian has helped me quickly recover after incurring both muscular and skeletal injuries. He set up his new office to provide the best possible care-and I hope I never have to use it!! If you need a PT, Brian can help you regain your health.

Heidi R.

Strongly recommend Prax PT! Brian is an extremely knowledgeable physical therapist. He patiently listens and thoroughly addresses questions and concerns.

Brian M.

Brian came highly recommended by three local healthcare professionals and he was the exact therapist I needed. He is knowledgeable, intuitive, and above all he is an athlete who knows what it takes to get a fellow athlete back enjoying their pursuits.

Andy M.

Had some shoulder pain that wouldn’t go away. Brian has brought it back after only a few sessions. Super stoked with the results.

Amanda M.

Brian is fantastic. When I first met Brian I walked into his PT studio after 6-7 months of therapy with a different physical therapist who had me doing the same exercises the entire time despite the fact I was making very little progress. Within one session he explained to me what was going on and why. He communicates clearly, he has a great sense of humor - which was an added bonus given my frustration - and he got me back on the road to recovery. He works with you the entire session - you will see results! Thank you Brian!