1)  Do I need a referral from a physician to receive physical therapy?

Most people can go directly to a physical therapist for evaluation and treatment without a physician’s referral.  You only need to have a physician’s referral if you are being treated under Workers’ Compensation or Medicare (in which case, unfortunately, Prax PT cannot treat you – see question #10), or are younger than 12.

2)  Will my insurance require me to have a physician’s referral?

Generally speaking, the vast majority of insurance companies will cover physical therapy services even if you don’t have a referral from your physician (see question #1 for the three most common exceptions). 

3)  What should I bring to my first appointment?

  •  A prescription from a physician, if you have one. 
  • Your insurance card, if you have one. 
  • Comfortable clothing that will allow access to the injured body part and full range of motion. 
  • A credit card, check or cash to pay for your visit.  Prax PT also accepts HSA cards, Apple Pay and other contactless payment methods.  (Payment is due at time of service.)
  •  A good attitude!

4)  How do I schedule an appointment?

Simply schedule your appointment on this website by clicking here, or go to the “SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT” tab.  You will receive convenient email and text reminders.  If you have to change or cancel your appointment, you can do that through the link in those reminders. 

5)  Why do I need to enter my credit card info to schedule an appointment?

Entering your credit card info allows Prax PT to enforce the cancellation policy, which minimizes the inconvenience of last-minute schedule changes for everyone involved. It also discourages people from booking more appointments than they intend to keep, thus freeing up more options for other patients.

6)  Who will treat me at Prax PT?

You will be treated solely by Brian Prax, MA PT.  None of your care will be administered by aides or assistants.  This ensures that your healing will be maximized every step of the way.

7)  Why don’t you bill my insurance company directly?

A growing number of physical therapy practices in the U.S. have discovered that putting the insurance claim process into the hands of the patient expedites reimbursement, avoids errors and saves the patient money.

8)  Can I use my insurance to pay for my treatment?

Definitely.  After paying for each treatment at time of service, you will receive an itemized receipt that has all the codes your insurance company needs to reimburse you according to your specific policy, as well as information to guide you through the claim submission process.  You can also pay for your treatment at time of service with your Health Savings Account card (if you have one) right in the clinic.

9) Why can't you bill me for my treatment?

Prax PT employs a streamlined payment system that eliminates the need for additional staff or third-party billing services.  This not only saves the patient money, but it also insures that all of my time is dedicated to maximizing your recovery, not pushing papers.

10)  Why don’t you accept patients with Medicare or Workers’ Compensation?

Unfortunately, these entities require the use of billing systems that are incompatible with Prax PT’s streamlined payment process.